JOHN DAVID ELLIOTT was born in 1952 and raised in Laurel, Delaware; a small town within spitting distance of the Mid-Atlantic coastline of America, about halfway between a Norman Rockwell painting and Andy Griffith’s Mayberry.

His first appreciable venture away from his flatland homescape was to study architecture at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech) in the mountains of Appalachia. After two years there, he transferred to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, from where he graduated with a B.A. in art in 1974.

He has made a 35-year career of working in aspects of the commercial graphic arts ranging from designer & printer of silkscreened posters to lithographic cameraman & darkroom operator (in Greensboro) to department store fashion layout artist (in Dallas, Texas) to marketing firm model maker (in Chicago, Illinois) to corporate-grade mechanical artist (in Boston, Massachusetts) to newspaper graphics & advertising designer (in Dover, Delaware).

In between - and during - which times he chipped away at accomplishing some art of his own which… might be more reflective of a fine arts education. Probably without much focus or result, it might be said -- until his first time of ‘going way’ in 1979! So marvelous and eye-opening did he find this trip (from Scotland down to Morocco) of a ‘mere’ two months that, upon his return, he immediately resolved to have as much more of such stimulating adventure as he could.

In subsequent years, he made good on that resolution, making numerous and extensive trips on six continents; including three trips around the world and a year in Latin America.

His chosen method of recording the visual images of these travels has always been a simple Bic pen and a collection of colored pencils. By this means, he has accumulated more than 1,200 original, on-the-spot drawings of landscapes, architecture, figures, portraits and icons from all over the world. It is from these original drawings that the oil paintings, studio-grade drawings and graphic designs here have been based.

Thus, the focus of Mr. Elliott’s art has turned out to be... the entire world! His fondest hopes are that there are those who may enjoy looking at the results as much as he has enjoyed the making of the images… and that there may yet be opportunities for the collecting of further raw material!

After many years of professional and personal wandering, he resides now in Sussex County, Delaware, not so far from the small town where he grew up.

John David Elliott has also self-published two illustrated books of travel writing, and written two privately distributed novels… of possible merit.